Frequently Asked Questions

We have been receiving many enquiries about registrations, ticket collection and how to check into the hotels. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and the answers to assist you:

Prepaid Registration & Ticket Collection

Question: I registered online but I have not received any correspondence from you. Should I be receiving my tickets in the mail?
Answer: When your registration is processed correctly, you will receive an email with your ticket within a week. Nothing received? Please mail to info@limburgsalsafestival.com.

Question: I have just purchased Night Tickets, where do I go to pick them up?
Answer: All pre-purchased night tickets can be collected from the Registration Desk. Tickets can be collected from Friday 3rd of May from 19.30h.

Question: I have purchased Tickets, but I cannot come. Can I get a refund?
Answer: No cancellations and/or refunds will be accepted. The only thing to help you out is to change the name on the ticket. A fee of 20 euro is added for administration.

Question: How does the Registration Process work for full passes & performer passes? What do I need to bring with me?
Answer: Registration Desks will be set up at the entrance. The Registration Desks are split into the following areas:
Area 1: Prepaid Registration Full / Day / Party Pass Holders
Area 2: Box office
Area 3: Media / VIP / guests
You line up behind the relevant desk. You will be issued with a wristband.

Question: What are the Terms & Conditions for full / party / day / performer pass holders?
Answer: Wearing a wristband identifies you as a full pass/performer pass holder. When you collect your wristband, you will be asked to agree to the following conditions:
1) To keep your wristband on at all times during the Festival
2) If you lose your wristband and you are unable to provide us with your original wristband, you must pay the full price of a full pass for a replacement
3) If you break your wristband and require a replacement, you agree to pay a 2 euro replacement fee. You must provide us with your original wristband in order to get a replacement.

Question: Do I have to book in for the individual workshops?
Answer: No, you do not have to book in for the workshops. Most of the workshop rooms have a large capacity. There is a 15-minute interval between workshops to facilitate movement of dancers between rooms, and all the rooms are within a 1-minute walk of each other.

Purchasing Tickets & Passes at the Venue

Question: Can I purchase tickets and/or full passes, day passes at the Venue?
Answer: Yes, but the tickets will be a little more expensive, and you will also waste valuable time by having to queue at the registration desk and the cashier. We recommend that you purchase your tickets/passes ONLINE before the 2nd of May 2019 to save yourself time and money.
Full passes at the door are 140 euro (instead of 50-120 euro prepaid)
Day passes at the door are 50-80 euro (instead of 30-50 euro)

Venue Orientation & Parking

Question: Where can I park?
Answer: Free parking lots are available around the venue.