Friday – Sunday

Welcome Party, Gala Party, Goodbye Party & Workshops

The whole festival under one roof!

De Nuie Geusselt Zaol
Olympiaweg 68
6225 XX Maastricht

The whole event will take place under a single roof in beautiful Limburg. The floor is perfect and there are 3 different workshop areas.

To reload your energy, the location offers really great dishes:


  • different bread rolls (€3,50-4,50)
  • vegetarian salad (€5)
  • snacks

Diner Saturday night


  • Chicken sate with rice, salad, krupuk (shrimp crisps), baked onions (€8)
  • Mini vegetarian spring rolls (€3)
  • Chicken bites (€4)
  • Vegetarian salad (€5)