If dancers are your target market, then you must exhibit at the 2014 Limburg Salsa Bachata Kizomba Festival

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Have a booth!

Sell your products,
Promote brand awareness,
& interact directly with your target market

Who will be at the 2014 Limburg Salsa Bachata Kizomba Festival?

Exhibiting at the Limburg Salsa Festival provides you with the opportunity to present your product/service to a captivated audience.
You will make your presence felt within the Latin dance and entertainment industry. Your presence will also enable you to network
with your colleagues and present your product/service to the media and entertainment agents who will be in attendance.
We anticipate that there will be over 1500 attendees at the 2012 Limburg Salsa Festival, and they fit the following profile:

*Age group: 18 – 50 years
*All have a high level of passion / interest in partnered dances
*Large multicultural mix: Anglo-Saxon, Latino and Asian
*Medium to high disposable income
*Low family commitments
*Most are from a professional / services background
*Most are tertiary educated
*Majority of them have mobile phones and own their own form of transport
*Majority of them have an interest in traveling overseas
*Many of them have a strong interest in fitness, fashion, beauty & health products, as well as electronic recording devices

The crowds of dancers at the Limburg Salsa Festival, and their love of digital recording cameras:

Filming at LSF

Exhibitor facilities

Limburg Salsa Bachata Kizomba Festival will provide the following to all exhibitors:

*A dedicated 3 x 3 meter space located in the main rooms where the parties and workshops will be held
*One powerpoint slide (see further down for more infos)
*One logo at the website
*A shared storage area behind the booths which will be only accessible by the exhibitors and the organisers.
*All exhibitors will receive 2 full event passes for 2 individuals (valued at 320 euro)

Booth types

*Single Booth 500 euro ex. TVA (includes 2 full passes to the event valued at 320 euro)
*Double Booth 750 euro ex. TVA
*MCs for performances will also be making announcements about the exhibitors during lunch and show time to encourage sales and awareness of your presence at the Limburg Salsa Festival.

* Please note that that if you require a single table as a booth, a different (cheaper) pricing structure applies.
Please contact Naomi on +31 6 138 45 760 or

Advertise your business on powerpoint

Play your advertisement to a captive audience. Every night of the Limburg Salsa Bachata Kizomba Festival, you will have the opportunity to play your advertisement to the audience at the venue as they wait for the shows to begin. We estimate that each night, there will be about 800 people on Friday and Sunday – 2000 people on Saturday in the audience. Your advertisment can run for a maximum of 30 seconds, and will be played on a continuous loop. A Guaranteed way to ensure that you get your message across! Perfect for branding and promoting awareness of products, services or events!

Powerpoint Advertisement

*100 euro ex. TVA (for Friday & Sunday night together)
*100 euro ex. TVA (per night on Saturday night)
*150 euro ex. TVA (for all 3 nights)

To apply for a powerpoint advertisement, please contact Naomi on +31 6 138 45 760 or

Fashion show

We are offering an exclusive opportunity for fashion retailers to show off
their products via our exciting fashion parades. There is one parade per night lasting 10 minutes during the peak time of the performances. These parades will take place at approximately 23.30h between the dance performances.

Fashion parades are very effective in creating a demand for products. This effective technique will significantly benefit participating exhibitors at the Limburg Salsa Bachata Kizomba Festival. In order to be involved in the fashion show, you must be an exhibitor at the Limburg Salsa Bachata Kizomba Festival. You may share a parade with one other Limburg Salsa Bachata Kizomba Festival exhibitor at the same cost. For example, a clothing retailer may choose to share the parade with a shoe retailer and/or a jewellery retailer.

To apply for a Fashion show, please contact Naomi on +31 6 138 45 760 or Remember, first come, first……

This year’s exhibit ants: