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The Limburg Salsa Bachata Kizomba Festival includes 3 days of back to back Latin dance workshops. You will have the fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the best latin dance instructors from all around the world.

3 reasons why every dancer should attend the workshops:

*to learn

Even if you’re an experienced dancer and you haven’t been to lessons for ages, you shouldn’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn from the world’s best Latin dancers. For guys, you’ll learn new moves to impress the ladies on the dance floor! For Ladies, you’ll pick up amazing body movement techniques and learn how to follow exciting new moves. And if you’re bored of salsa (heaven forbid!) you can also learn the newest dance crazes such as Zouk, Bachata & Reggaeton not to mention Tango, Swing & Samba!

*to be inspired

We take pride in inviting only the most talented and friendliest instructors from all over the world to teach at our festival. The workshops represent an opportunity to interact personally with our international instructors. You’ll get to hear their personal stories and their philosophies on dancing and teaching. This is something you simply cannot “get” from just watching them dance socially or on stage.

*to meet dancers from Europe & overseas

The Limburg Salsa Festival is an exciting opportunity to dance with different people. The workshops are a great way to meet new people from overseas. Chances are you’ll be able to “try them out” at the workshop and make a mental note of who you want to ask to dance during the socials. You also get to “break the ice” at the workshops instead of spending hours agonizing about how to ask someone to dance during the socials.

NB schedule is subject to change